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The changes of human lifestyles has contributed greatly to the advancement of the civilization for the past century. These changes brings a wide variety of consequences to the human nature. As people evolve to changes, people also forgets its health. As a result, bad habits developed in a fast phase. In nearly a decade now, people also finds its way back to regain its lost health, one of the most concerns now in the field of fitness is how to lose weight effectively and naturally.

green coffee bean

In reality, there are many proven effective way to lose weight. Some involves medical operation and some involves taking synthetic medicines which are also very costly aside from the side effects that it can offer to you. Thus, people became more interested in natural measures. This is important when one wants to regain its optimum health.


What is Green Coffee Bean Extract ?

What concerns more to the people today are their weight problems. This is due to over consumption of high calories and lack of exercise because of the change of their lifestyle. We all know that obesity is a big problem to handle. An obese person is more prone to sickness and disease like diabetis, stroke and heart problems.


The best effective way to lose weight is by natural procedures. By taking regular exercise and proper nutritional diet with the aide of proven dietary supplements will surely lead you to a successful weight loss program.


The green coffee extract is gaining favor for the past years as the most effective dietary supplement. Research was successfully conducted and the results were astounding. The participants of the study lose weight by not changing their diets at all and are encourage to take the same calories everyday for the period of 22 weeks. The participants were monitored regularly especially for their weight every week. The result is exceptional since the subject loses around 3 pounds in just 2 weeks. The study concludes that the body of the participants have turned to normal from a semi-obese type.

Green Coffee Before & After:

Green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid which slows the release of the glucose on our body every meal and it is because of this that the weight loss is achieved. The chlorogenic acid are mostly gone when the beans are already roasted, green coffee beans are still in un-roasted form so this acid are preserved. This is mainly the difference and answers the question why drinking coffee always don't help on reducing weight. For the entire period the average weight loss per week is 1 pound which is a healthy and acceptable figure for losing weight.


Does Green Coffee Bean Has Side Effects?:

There are currently no side effect for the green coffee beans according to the study. It is also good since it contain lesser caffeine compare to normal coffee. But pregnant women should never undergo such program without proper guidance from license medical practitioner.


It is still hard to believe that weight loss can now be achieve as easy as this. Still, if you are willing and determined to trim your fat and cut your size down, you have to be consistent and be sure to finished what you have started.

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