If we want to know the side effects of a product, then we must first find out the content of the product. This time we're talking about white kidney bean carb intercept side effects, for that we need the information content of the product is complete. so we can see what the possibility of side effects.
based on information from official website of white kidney bean natrol carb intercept, we came to know that the weight loss supplement products include:
  • calcium
  • chromium
  • sodium
  • gelatin
  • water
  • magnesium
  • stearate
  • silica
  • maltodextrine
  • gum arabic
white kidney bean extract side effects picture
All items above are indeed useful for our body, calcium for bone formation, as well as sodium. Magnesium is useful for the process of absorption of calcium by the body. Indeed it would be very dangerous if a product contains calcium do not include magnesium in it, when the body fails to absorb calcium, so it can clog the filter of the kidneys.

Therefore, if we wish to use the white kidney bean carb intercept as a diet supplement, then we recommend that you consult a doctor first. Or, follow the instructions on the label usage. Excess calcium in the body, can be the cause of kidney disease. Based on the rules of use on labels on, there are mentioned the use of a maximum of 2 pills per day.

Some people also have an allergy to the above elements, such as; allergic to gelatin and there is also vegetarians who should not consume animal gelatin. For that very important consultation with a doctor or nutritionist. Doctor recommendation will make your diet program more perfect and away from a variety of side effects. Consultation cost are not very expensive, when compared to our health. That's my opinion of white kidney bean carb intercept side effects. One thing, important to remember "the health is more valuable than beauty".

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