a few days ago, my friend from California came to my house. He brought a bottle of weight loss supplement called white kidney bean extract. According to him the pill-pill that is in the bottle is so magical. lose weight within an instant. Again that's just an opinion, not my opinion.

contents of the white kidney bean extract
Personally I have never tried any supplement to lose weight, I believe more traditional ways by exercising regularly. well, at least 15 minutes a day, walk as far as 500 meters and so on. I think a light sport routinely every day is enough to maintain ideal body weight.

on the packaging the white kidney bean extract is a label the contents of each pill. From there I learned that white kidney bean contains chromium, calcium and sodium. Actually I'm quite surprised, why is sodium and calcium is needed to lose weight? aren't they both just beneficial for maintaining healthy bones?

Furthermore, excess calcium consumption can cause kidney pain. For that, on this occasion I refused the offer of a friend from California. But stay curious with major benefits from the white kidney bean extract. Lest, supplement that actually strengthen bones, so can assist people in exercising regularly.

Attention to the content of the extract of white kidney bean, calcium; works good for bone growth, sodium; useful for maintaining the stability of body fluids and chromium; useful for increasing muscle mass. The use of chromium should be under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist.

That's the content of the white kidney bean extract listed clearly on the packaging label. Once again I pass on, I have never tried this diet supplement products. So if you ask whether white kidney extract work well to lose weight, then I will not be able to answer without experience. This is not a review, but merely an opinion about the content of the product.

white kidney bean carb intercept side effects

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