Consume coffee, agree. But how are those who have not yet reusable Cup? You pay almost double the price of your coffee when you use disposable cups! Why so much waste? Disposable cups fill landfills and create a big problem for the Earth. And make no mistake: this kind of Cup 'n' is not Reusable.

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Here are some negative impacts of Disposable (not reusable) cups:
  1. Sleeves used to keep coffee warm contribute to climate change, taking into account the associated production processes of shipping crates to transport them.
  2. Disposable cups are used the time to consume a cup of coffee and then discarded.
  3. Trash cans (disposable plastic glasses)  are overflowing! And they are emptied by dump trucks very fuel-inefficient and forwarded to the discharge.
  4. Transportation of disposable cups between the supplier and the customer produces greenhouse gases.
  5. To produce disposable cups consume our energy and natural resources.
Reusable cups are solutions
  • Made coffee part of our daily routine, then take the habit to eat sustainable!
  • Bring a mug! Use a ceramic, plastic or stainless steel reusable coffee cup to reduce the waste generated by disposable cups. It is practical and it keeps the coffee hot much longer!It is the pause time? More energy is used for the manufacture of reusable cups, but because a stainless steel Cup is used dozens of times, it is, ultimately, more Eco-friendly than a paper Cup!
  • Keep a reusable coffee cups at work, at home and in your vehicle to always have one on hand when you want to satisfy your craving for a coffee! If you forget your cup (because you are half asleep with your morning coffee), do not double the disposable cups and don't use a hot plate.
  • Put some money aside for your next Cup! Many merchants of coffee offer discounts if you bring your own mug.
  • Use a reusable Cup to start the day off right, or during your next coffee break! Disposable cups leave their "mark" on the Earth.
Reusable coffee cups are not expensive, you can get it from the coffee outlet. We can also buy reusable cups in large quantities in wholesale. Currently many online marketplace that sells reusable coffee cups wholesale, like dhgate, alibaba, and others.

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