Paper Cup is Glass made of paper coated with a material that is impermeable to water. In the process of making paper cup coated with plastic or wax, can also called wax. Materials paper Cup in addition to the practical and economical, it can also be a good promotional spot. The outside of the glass, can be given a cover logo to your coffee shop. The price of the paper Cup is very cheap, especially if purchased wholesale.
paper coffee cups wholesale

As an example; 3000 pieces coffee paper cups cost only $ 0.1-0.5 per piece. Paper coffee cups wholesale, can be purchased online, there are so many online retailers that offer paper coffee cups wholesale. Note before selecting paper cups;
  • There are three usage types of paper cup; for ice cream, cold drinks and to hold the hot drinks like tea or coffee. You have to know in advance whether the paper cup will be used.

The choice of the size of the paper coffee cups that exist are:
  • 6.5 oz, usually for hot drinks
  • 8 oz, usually for hot drinks
  • 9 oz, usually for hot drinks
  • 12 oz, usually for a cold drink
  • 16 oz, usually for a cold drink
  • 22 oz, usually for a cold drink

If you are going to buy paper coffee cups wholesale, then note the designer also offered. There are several different types of paper cups that are not accompanied by a close, and there's also which has a close but not available aperture for drinking straws. For coffee drinks, choose paper cup that has a lid and an aperture for a straw. Make it a habit asking for photo sample goods before buying anything online.

Here are some examples of paper cup that is wholesale;
Ripple Cup
Min order 50000 pieces and price US $0.12 - 0.26 / Piece, ALL PRODUCT FINDER LLC Ohio, United States

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